Pinnacle Consulting is dedicated to helping you find the right people at the right time for roles in your Land Department

We can source staff or consultants to meet a wide range of Land Administration requirements

Pinnacle Consulting can help you source people with the right experience and talents from any of the main disciplines of Land Administration. This ensures that new people will be up to speed quickly and productive in their roles, reducing the typical training and management required for new staff.

We can help you source the right talent to meet your needs in

  • Mineral Land Administration and Contract Analysis
  • Surface Administration
  • Acquisitions and Divestitures
  • Land Systems
  • Land Negotiations

Pinnacle can help you decide on hiring a consultant or an employee – or both

Pinnacle consulting can help you determine the best model for staffing to match your current needs based on role, expertise, project nature, budgeting and find people to match those needs.
We can help you decide if a consultant or employee best meets your needs. Often a consultant is better if you need to get access to a specific expertise, have a short term role or do not currently have budget/hiring authorization. You may prefer an employee to provide long term service, to contain costs or to match your business culture.

Often we will provide a consultant and in time you both find a strong match and decide to convert to employee status. We have the facilities to make sure this can happen to meet both your requirements.

We help when you are too busy

When things get busy, Pinnacle can provide the right people to step in and handle the overload so that you can stay focused and keep the department running smoothly

There are times when you need staff to step in to handle overload. Staff away, special requirements, new systems and so many other reasons can overload your department’s resources. We can provide people who can step in and quickly manage the roles you need covered.

Special Project Work, Acquisitions and Divestiture (A&D)

Pinnacle helps you form teams of people who can efficiently and accurately complete projects in given timeframes ensuring that deadlines are met and work is complete and verifiable.

We have experienced and understand a wide range of issues that are unique to project work. We understand the pressure of meeting deadlines, while maintaining confidentiality, accuracy and the excellent teamwork required for successful completion.

Pinnacle often works with Legal Firms during A&D activities

Pinnacle works very well with Legal firms and teams involved in A&D work to ensure that competent and complete Land review work precedes the finalization of any transactions. This serves to dramatically minimize the project time and associated costs.

Legal firms get involved in the A&D process to ensure that all aspects of the sale and transfer are scrutinized and deliver the value you expect to get from the transaction. Pinnacle often works directly with legal firms to provide consultants with specialized A&D knowledge. This ensures that the required scrutiny is competently provided during the due diligence process.

Pinnacle can help before during and after the sales process

Pinnacle can work throughout the sales process to ensure that properties are prepared for sale, transferred effectively and then set up and organised in the buying company. This ensures a continuity in the process, reduces the overall time and costs and prepares the properties to be efficiently managed going forward

Clients have a variety of needs when buying and selling properties. We can clean up, verify and organise files during the sales process. We can then assist during the actual sale process. Finally we can then act with the buying party to mesh the new properties into their system or to organise a system to manage the new properties.

Pinnacle works well with New Oil and Gas Companies

Pinnacle works with Start-up O/G companies to help them establish Land department practices and procedures that ensure effective Land department management and support for rapid growth

Getting your Land systems up and running efficiently is critical, especially if you are gearing up for rapid growth. Pinnacle can bring in Consultants who can establish the procedures and best practices to ensure that you are well organized for growth.

Pinnacle can help you satisfy a wide range of assignments. Please give us a call to discuss your needs.

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