Pinnacle Consulting has helped place over 400 Land Professionals. We look to understand your circumstances, skills and career desires to connect you with a company that will best meet your needs

Pinnacle Consulting works to place Consultants and Career Seekers in Land Administration roles.

Pinnacle works with a wide range of Oil and Gas companies, from the largest to the newest. This means that we have a diverse range of roles coming available for Land professionals. We like to meet you in person and discuss your needs, expectations, and career goals. Whether you are looking for a long term stable role or a fast paced project that will expand your skills, we can help it happen.

Pinnacle works mostly with Consultants. These are independent Land Professionals who prefer to work under their own company structure. Pinnacle works with Consultants to help them maximise the value of their independence while managing many of the administrative tasks that could bog them down. We help place consultants in exciting assignments where they can focus on the work that needs to be done.

Consultants find many benefits working with Pinnacle.

We are in touch with many companies who offer a range of assignments. We understand what clients really need and can help position you into the right assignments. Therefore Pinnacle helps to ensure that you are involved in good assignments that will best utilize your skills and talents.

Pinnacle takes care of the client relationship, handles all of the invoicing and collections and ensures that you are paid promptly. This removes many of the tasks that consultants dislike and lets you focus on more valuable tasks.

Consulting through Pinnacle can provide flexibility of time.

Consulting gives you a degree of independence from the client. You can enjoy the office setting without all the constraints of being an employee. Many consultants enjoy the flexibility of time. You can complete a project and then take time (or a season) off. Others will want to jump right back into another assignment. They love the variety.

We have clients who need people to work in the evenings or on weekends. This can work well if your normal workdays are full or you like the different hours. This flexibility is great for students, mothers and those who have other workday responsibilities.

What is Pinnacle looking for in Consultants?

You must be technically good at what you do and be prepared to get the job done. Many assignments have deadlines or different requirements than a 9-5 job. As an independent you will work to help the client reach their goals.

You typically need to be very good at teamwork. Many assignments will position you in a group that needs to succeed and your ability to work with and support the group’s efforts will be strongly required.

You also need to manage your money well. Assignments may pay more but if there is a gap between roles, you need to have reserves to ensure your bills and lifestyle is covered.

Pinnacle can help get you successfully start your Consulting Career.

We are happy to sit down with you to discuss the major differences between being an employee and what is needed as an independent Consultant. Typically it comes down to setting up your company correctly, ensuring that your earnings and taxes are properly accounted for and that you have the required insurance and compliance documents. Once you get these established and get used to the way things work- its business as usual.

Pinnacle helps you stay connected.

Many Pinnacle consultants have been with us for the long term- some going back to when we started 25 years ago! We really enjoy the role of helping you succeed and a big part of that is staying connected. We are there for feedback and a cup of coffee. We can run interference and manage client issues on your behalf. Pinnacle has a community of consultants and many find it invaluable to have others they can connect with to share ideas, feedback and… yes … kick loose once in a while! Pinnacle is always looking to see how we can build a better community for our consultants to share in.

Pinnacle also places people in full time jobs.

If you are new to Land or considering getting into Land as a career we would be happy to sit down and discuss the benefits and realities of a Land Career. You will appreciate finding out the nature of the work before you invest the time and money to get certified.

For those looking to change employment we can help you assess your desire to change. First we sit down and review what is driving your desire for change, whether it’s more money, a different corporate culture, new challenges and responsibilities or whatever your motivation is. We can then move to position you into companies that will match your needs and expectations.

Often we have Consultants who find that they really would like to work as an employee for a company they have been serving. We are more than happy to facilitate this and have agreements with our clients to ensure that it can happen smoothly.

Pinnacle Consulting values your needs, desires, skills and talents and we will work with you to find a Consulting assignment or employment role that satisfies your expectations- just give us a call and let’s see what we can make happen!

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