Debbie Degenstein and Pinnacle Consulting are proud to be sponsoring this year’s edition of the 2009 CAPLA Leadership Summit at the Delta Bow Valley Ballroom on May 25th.

CAPLA Leadership Summit

The topic for this year’s summit is Reaching New Heights in Leading Asset Management and will touch upon many of the challenges facing Leaders in these difficult times.

Specific topics covered at the summit will be:

  • Leader vs. Manager and why we need to move towards Leadership
  • Understanding Asset Management and the value to our organizations
  • Identification & execution of work in ways that maximizes value and costs
  • Leading Asset Management: Bridging the gaps and breaking down the silos
  • Leading Asset Management:Gaining trust and respect in Leading Asset Management

In addition to a great day of information, there is a planned reception with Stand-up Comedian Jeb Fink

If you would like to partake in this year’s edition of the leadership summit, registration for the even it available at the CAPLA Web Site.