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New High Value Services for 2020

2020 is a year of Major Challenges for Oil and Gas Producers in Western Canada. We offer the following Special Services to help you cope and thrive during this time.

Virtual Supervisors


Reduced staff, changing roles, changed properties and ever changing regulations can leave you exposed in managing your Land Operations. Pinnacle can provide Seasoned Leaders in Land Administration to help your staff cope with wide ranging pressures.

  • Part Time Supervisors
  • Mentors
  • Project Leaders

We will provide Seasoned Experts to help ensure staff are monitored, trained, assisted and lead, depending on your needs, on a part time basis. This ensures continuity of service and leadership, in a cost effective fashion.

Audit and Departmental Reviews

Whether you are consolidating operations or have experienced changes in staff, procedures or properties, performing Operational Reviews and Audits can help ensure financial and operational compliance.

  • Road Use Audit
  • Consideration Audit
  • Group or Departmental Audits

We will search for lost revenues and overpayment of fees, work to ensure monies are recovered and create procedures to maximise your financial position. We will identify gaps in procedures, regulatory compliance and operational processes. Further, we can provide instruction and guidance to ensure high standards are maintained.


Acquisition And Divestiture


A&D projects can range from the sale of a few properties to entire companies. Pinnacle has a solid reputation for delivering highly skilled A&D specialists to complete assignments on time and on budget.

  • Rapid Team Formation
  • Large Scale Projects, Staffed and Managed
  • Discrete Onsite or Offsite Project Teams

We provide seasoned staff, maintain confidentiality, accuracy and the excellent teamwork required for successful completion. Further we have good experience working with Legal Teams and related groups involved in the A&D process.

Aboriginal Consultation and Collaboration

Negotiating with First Nations Groups in a cooperative mutually beneficial spirit provides for much smoother and more efficient project completion.

  • First Nations Specialists
  • Direct Hands On Field Experience
  • Highly Qualified in Complex A&D and Land Issues

Pinnacle has Senior Land Consultants with the proven ability to work successfully with First Nations Chiefs, Councils and Aboriginal Peoples to find solutions to complex Land situations and resource projects.

Aboriginal Consultation and Collaboration

Pinnacle Is An Award Winning Consulting Firm

Group of business people working

We have served over 200 companies, ranging from the start-ups to the largest Oil and Gas companies. We have sourced deadline driven A&D support teams, helped new companies establish scalable Land Systems and work with Legal firms to provide invaluable support in a full range of Land based assignments. We use leading edge software systems and help companies implement these to streamline their Land departments.

Whether you are managing a Land Department or are looking for a new role in Land Administration, we would like to help you get connected.

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